Send Us to the Austin Food & Wine Festival

Whiskey & Waffles wants to go to the Food & Wine Festival in Austin, Texas, and you can help us get there. Here's the pitch:

  • It's a 3-day festival filled with food, wine, and some of the greatest names in the culinary world. 
  • Attending an event like this would mean exposure to the latest and greatest food trends and insights into the culinary world as it stands now. 
  • Through taste, sight, and interaction, we will learn about all the new perspectives in the culinary world. We will speak to everyone; from culinary geniuses to other foodies just like us. 
  • Besides the insights, we would receive hands-on experience that we could bring back into our daily and professional lives. 
  • Austin, Texas is arguably the next big city in the food world. From street food trucks to gourmet cuisine, Austin has it all. 

Want to help us? Want to hear the pitch in real life? Want to find out what's in it for you? Call us. Email us. Stop us on the street corner. We want to talk to you.